United States coast-to-coast: special promotion for a unique destination

United States coast-to-coast: special promotion for a unique destination

Visit USA, a long-standing BIT partner, has pioneered more flexible, modern destination promotion. Ideal for a destination as rich in experiences as the States.

A country as special as the United States couldn’t help but have a unique tourism method as well. Promoting the USA on our market is Visit USA, not a “classic” tourism organisation but an association that brings together all the key players working with the destination.


As the President of the Association, Francesco Paradisi, explains: “Visit USA plays a dual role in Trade. Both an educational role and a promotional one. Education and Promotion go hand in hand and take shape in the renewed Ambassador programme that began in January and in creating RoadShow and opportunities for discussion on the area as well as NLs to keep the focus on the destination. The United States represent a fundamental part of Italian outbound tourism and Visit USA is a leader in the Trade world.”


There is no shortage of unique experiences on offer, which are only available in the United States, and arriving in large metropolises such as New York and Los Angeles, it’s the architecture that captures your attention. Beyond the entrance gateways natural panoramas open up: National Parks and Scenic Byways to freely travel across in a Mustang. The streets of blues, jazz, and country music tell stories of immortal artists and an America that loves to celebrate traditions.


“Our goal is to support members in promoting travel to the United States, to be a reference point for Tour Operators and Agencies involved in promoting and selling the United States product. Education, continuous Promotion and support for Trade: these, in short, are VUSA's guidelines for the 2022 season,” Paradisi sums up. “We’re taking part in BIT to meet Trade and Consumer with a specific mission: to make people fall in love with destination America.  Will there be special guests at the BIT exhibition? Yes. The United States in all its facets, from big cities to parks, from highways to prairies, from the West to the East Coast. A mix of travel culture through natives, music and history.”


The USA’s immense and fascinating diversity will be featured at BIT 2022, held at fieramilanocity from Sunday 10th to Tuesday 12th of April.