Not only local: long haul is ready for safe and green travel too

Not only local: long haul is ready for safe and green travel too

The classic "white sand, crystal clear water" destinations of many Italian and European travellers are preparing for a green and responsible 2022: the example of the Maldives.

Who said that medium and long haul will be affected in 2022? Analysts' data (which we report on extensively in this issue) agree that travellers are ready to take the "dream vacation" again, as long as it's green, sustainable and safe. And international destinations are preparing to welcome these more knowledgeable tourists with ad hoc strategies and proposals.


A pioneering sustainability destination is, for example, the Maldives. Says Mohammed Thoyyib, CEO and Managing Director of MMPRC-Maldives Marketing & PR Corporation:


"Sustainability is a key aspect of tourism development in the Maldives - we are a destination with a fragile environment and ecosystems. That is why we are imposing strict regulations on environmental protection, such as construction, tree planting and waste disposal".


"The Maldives also works to protect places with great biodiversity. Fuvahmulah Atoll has become the second site in the Maldives to be declared a UNESCO Biosphere, after Baa Atoll since 2011. This ensures the protection of natural marine life in the area, as well as ensuring that protected areas are developed in a sustainable manner".


"Conscious travellers can play an active role in conserving the nature of the Maldives". continues Thoyyib. Many of our resorts are home to resident marine biologists who work to educate guests, monitor corals and conduct research and sustainable initiatives such as reef rehabilitation. Travellers can take part in activities such as coral planting programmes and helping to combat marine pollution”.


"The advanced traveller will be reassured to know that the Maldives is a leading sustainability destination. The luxury of our resorts is second only to the breathtaking beauty of the natural environment that surrounds them: 'less is more' is the way of life in the Maldives. Our tourist facilities are working to become as self-sufficient as possible, sourcing local food and materials to minimise imports while supporting the Maldivian economy".


"Tourism is not a hindrance to our land or our traditions. We believe that tourism can be a key factor in the progress of our traditions. In fact, we recently launched "Tales of Maldives", a series of short films showcasing some of our most captivating stories to carry forward our traditions and storytelling".