Lombardy is increasingly its online presence to promote slow and open-air tourism

Lombardy is increasingly its online presence to promote slow and open-air tourism

From the 12 most beautiful spring blooms to cycling, kite surfing or trekking. Looking at Bergamo and Brescia as the 2023 Culture Capitals and the 2026 Winter Olympics.

Repositioning Lombardy as a welcoming and safe tourist destination with an international outlook through knowledge of the area, scents and flavours, and the promotion of cities of art and small villages. This is the medium-term objective of the Region. In what way?


"In the medium to long term we have two very challenging commitments: Bergamo and Brescia will be the Italian Capitals of Culture in 2023 and the Winter Olympics in Milan-Cortina in 2026," replied Lara Magoni, Councillor for Tourism, Regional Marketing and Fashion. "In the meantime, 2021 promises to be a challenging year of transition towards recovery: we will focus on the most promising niche areas such as outdoor tourism and the rediscovery of slow tourism routes, while maintaining a major focus on cities of art".


Furthermore, Lombardy has long focused on experience-based tourism. Rafting on the Ticino, kitesurfing on Lake Garda, trekking on the Cammini and the Alte Vie are just a few examples of "active" experiences offered on the official tourist portal inLombardia. There are also cycling routes on dirt roads, as well as cycle paths and major signposted cycle routes. But the highlight of the season is definitely the 12 blooms to see in Lombardy. Even in the city: one of the most spectacular is in fact the Cherry Hill in the Bicocca district, a real piece of Japan in Milan. Also not to be missed are the lavender fields in the Oltrepò Pavese or the spectacular gardens of the villas on the lakes. Hidden treasures that today find a favourable channel in online promotion.


"The Lombardy Region's participation in Bit Digital Edition is a first concrete sign of restart and expresses the strength of a business base that continues to prepare itself to welcome tourists again", Magoni concluded. "The times we are living in require us to test new things in tourism and all related value chains. Innovation and digital marketing are essential elements to face the challenges of the future".