With an eye to the 2026 Winter Olympics, Lombardy bets on sustainable tourism

With an eye to the 2026 Winter Olympics, Lombardy bets on sustainable tourism

In Lombardy, the strategic drive toward sustainability impacts on the Region’s tourist promotion too. The final goal is to highlight the beauty of nature and landscape on the territory with an environmental hint, and betting on its peculiar features.

“Promoting more sustainable and responsible tourism, helps mitigate the phenomenon of overtourism, aiming to improve the tourist experience of travellers and the quality of life of residents. It is an opportunity for the territories, a distinctive element for the companies of the tourist industry”, states Lara Magoni, Councillor for Tourism, Territorial Marketing and Fashion of the Lombardy Region.


The strategic orientation towards sustainability, which takes the form of calls for proposals and communication investments, also impacts the tourism promotion of the Lombardy Region. “Our ultimate goal is to enhance the natural beauty and landscape of our territory in a green way, focusing on our peculiarities. Starting with the mountains, that are 40% of Lombardy's territory, also in view of the 2026 Olympics”, adds the Councillor.


“The traveller, who is more and more attracted by cultural elements, is always at the core of our proposals. Thanks to our calls, we have promoted our cities and territories on international markets through some peculiarities such as environmental sustainability, but also correct nutrition. This is the case of the path highlighted by 'Call Me by Your Name', a video that has made known a magnificent path to be lived slowly through nature, wine and food”.


“The latest call in order of time is 'Viaggio #inLombardia': as many as 13 projects will be able to benefit from the contribution of 1.16 million euros to promote tourist itineraries that wind through the main cities of Lombardy and 'out of town' destinations.  The tender aims to enhance local excellence, from small villages to cities, combining places and itineraries to help visitors discover the traditions, flavours, art and culture of a Lombardy that is born again also thanks to its beauty. Thinking about events such as Bergamo and Brescia Italian Capital of Culture 2023 and the Milan-Cortina 2026 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games, we must encourage the birth and sharing of good practices”.


“By the summer of 2022, the hope is that the pandemic will be overcome for good and that the tragic war events will soon be just a sad memory. Our goal is to prepare ourselves with state-of-the-art facilities, efficient services and knowledgeable, professional staff. Winning factors that have always distinguished international tourism in Lombardy. In this sense, our milestone is the '2022 Annual Plan for Tourism Promotion and Attractiveness', focusing on strengthening the positioning of the Lombardy destination on national and international markets for the recovery of medium and long-haul tourist flows”, concludes Magoni.