The tourism side of Italy is more online than ever at Bit Digital Edition

The tourism side of Italy is more online than ever at Bit Digital Edition

From North to South, Italian destinations are coming to the rescue. Lazio focuses on villages, Friuli Venezia Giulia on experiences and Abruzzo on lifestyle. The City of L'Aquila is here for the first time.

Thanks in particular to Expo Plaza, the digital exhibition space where exhibitors can present their offer with multimedia tools, network with operators and talk to travel enthusiasts, more than 1,000 exhibitors including Regions, Tourism Boards, Tour Operators and service providers are ready to meet other operators and tourists at the first Bit Digital Edition, online from the 9th to the 11th May for operators and from the 12th to the 14th for the public.


Italy’s regional presence ranges from North to South. There are a mix of territories with different characteristics. From regions with a diverse offering such as Lombardy, Friuli Venezia Giulia or Piedmont to traditional seaside destinations such as Emilia Romagna or Liguria- or regions known for their historical and cultural attractions, such as Lazio, Campania, Tuscany and Veneto, to territories that combine open-air and history such as Trentino, Marche, Umbria and Sicily, or even emerging and trendy destinations from recent years, such as Puglia, Basilicata, Abruzzo and Calabria.


"In Friuli Venezia Giulia we are imagining a summer season that is safe and relaxing, with sea, mountains, plains, hills, rivers and lakes. It might become a trendy destination for 2021", comment from PromoTurismo Fvg. "Right next to the themes of safety and experiences, one of the pillars that has been guiding our revitalisation strategy for the past year is digital technology".


Speaking on post-pandemic tourism renewal is Valentina Corrado, Councillor for Tourism, Local Authorities, Local Police, Urban Security and Administrative Simplification for the Lazio Region: "In the short term, we need to focus on local tourism and make sure that even visitors from nearby rediscover and appreciate the many wonders the region has to offer such as the resorts and the many villages, most of which are certified: Orange Villages, Most Beautiful Villages in Italy and Seafaring Villages".


There is also a strong commitment on the part of neighbouring Abruzzo , which for the first time this year is present not only with the Regional Authority but also with the City of L'Aquila. "Ten years after the earthquake we want to tell a different story. We have stopped attracting so-called ‘tragedy tourism’ and visitors are rediscovering the beauty of the area. We’re also right at the forefront, since during reconstruction we chose to follow the blueprint for a Smart City,"comments Fabrizia Aquilio, Councillor for Tourism in Abruzzo's capital city . "The Region's major project, 'Abruzzo: Region of Wellbeing', redirects our focus to living well and will allow the City and the Abruzzo Region to become even more attractive due to their lifestyle.