Jordan, the “Kingdom of Time”, is ready to welcome global nomads

Jordan, the “Kingdom of Time”, is ready to welcome global nomads

The pandemic, among other things, has taught us a new sense of time. The Middle Eastern country took this opportunity to relaunch a new sustainable and quality tourism.

A new way of looking at tourism in the Middle East. This is what Jordan offers, as explained by Marco Biazzetti, Marketing Communications Public Relations Manager of the Jordan Tourist Board in Italy: “The new tourism brand with the claim 'the Kingdom of Time' represents a vehicle for sustainable development with the great support of traditional tour operators and our emerging generation focused on creating a deeply local experience of tourism”.


"With the platform 'Kingdom of Time' , Jordan is positioning itself as an accessible, intriguing and multi-faceted destination that attracts global 'nomads': independent, active and digital explorers and travellers seeking for meaningful human experiences”. Adds Biazzetti. “Since the pandemic, we have learned to redefine our sense of time, and Jordan, the Kingdom of Time, is a place where the sense of time can speed up in a bustling city center, or slow down during a dive in the coral reefs of Aqaba in the Red Sea, or even come to a halt in the desert of Wadi Rum, under a starry sky that reveals the Milky Way”.


Jordan launched a plan to safeguard local areas and the growth of tourism has not changed traditional hospitality: “Since the quarantine was removed there has been an immediate new interest in the destination and tour operators have resumed selling Jordan very well. And expectations for 2022 are great. Jordan is very appreciated by the Italians for being exotic but not far away, hospitable, with a very important cultural and natural richness, and well served with direct flights from several Italian cities”.


The appointment with Jordan, and with many other fascinating international destinations, will be at BIT 2022 at fieramilanocity this April from Sunday 10 to Tuesday 12.