Consumers want to get back to travelling

Consumers want to get back to travelling

A trip will be the first choice for 40% of Italians when it comes to restarting consumption in 2021. Although, 44% want a new digital-physical hybrid experience.

Innovation, digital-physical coexistence, hyper-customisation, a strengthening of public-private relationships, and a boost to slow tourism. These are just some of the indications of Travel’s recovery that have emerged from the market analyst Deloitte’s recent research, based on data processed by its network. Throughout 2020 and early 2021, the industry responded by trying to monitor and interpret new consumer attitudes. Such as the emergence of numerous digital initiatives: many museums have developed their online presence, integrating virtual viewings of their works with interactive services.


Inherently, tourism can never be totally virtual, however, the coexistence of digital and physical allows an experience to be enhanced or enabled by digital. According to Deloitte's findings, only 13% of those interviewed in Italy claimed to prefer fully digital use of museums, cinemas and theatres, while 44% of the sample group supported a hybrid model. Investment in national ecosystems — perhaps also thanks to the Next Generation Fund — made up of start-ups and new solutions fuelled by open innovation and technology transfer programmes, may be the key to finding this balance. Research, business communities and the public sector will need to work together to find new solutions that are accessible to all tour operators and aligned with travellers' safety and customisation requirements.


This is the only possible way to fully exploit a demand that, potentially, already exists. According to a survey by ShopFully Consumer Observatory, an Italian tech company, in 2021 getting back to travelling is the most widespread desire. It is the first choice for over 40% of respondents, along with the intention of being able to make significant purchases in the tech sector, for 22%, and in the automotive sector, for 20%. According to the study, promotions remain a driving factor for purchasing choices, with an increasing impact on Italian consumers: 65% of those interviewed claimed that the purchases they make will be highly influenced by the promotions available.


An opportunity that Bit Milano efficiently plays on, combining exhibition ideas with a comprehensive and rich events schedule, which is constantly being reshaped to respond to changing needs over the coming months.