Waiting for BIT 2021, digital tourism is on the up

Waiting for BIT 2021, digital tourism is on the up

BIT 2021 will be the ideal window to look beyond the current situation and discover a preview of the trends that will emerge after the emergency. There is already one clear emerging trend: operators and travellers prefer an increasingly digital Travel sector.


This trend is also confirmed by research carried out by Capterra, a portal for comparing the best software in different sectors. From the survey which took place between September and October and involved more than a thousand Italians who had travelled during the summer, it emerged that 84% of the respondents believe that the technology is very useful for improving customer experience during the booking process. 41% booked their activities through devices such as PCs, smartphones or tablets and 58% opted to carry out a virtual recreational activity (exhibitions, cultural events, tours and excursions).


What did the research reveal about the travel habits? 92% of the respondents chose to remain in Italy for the summer of 2020, due to the difficulties in travelling overseas and the uncertainty that the pandemic brought with it. The majority preferred to stay in an apartment (45%), either as a rental or as the owner, because this was considered the safest solution while at the same time respecting the health safety regulations. Hotels and residences followed with 36% for the same reason.


In short, it is clear that the traveller increasingly appreciates technology to manage the entire customer experience with digital tools. A passage of great interest for operators at a time when the sector has to reinvent itself to regain market share and young “digital natives” can represent one of the most interesting segmentsand one that is more ready to restart.


The digital transformation will be the star at BIT 2021: at a time when technologies are growing exponentially, the BEtech and Start Up areas will present the most innovative solutions and proposals from a raft of young, dynamic companies. But technology is increasingly at the centre, not only of the exhibition space, but of the whole BIT Milano experience that continues for 365 days a year, well beyond the three days of the event. How? Thanks to Fiera Milano Platform, the new constellation of digital platforms developed by Fiera Milano that brings together and strengthens web and social content, digital catalogues and new phygital formats, starting from webinars and with new solutions that allow, among other things, remote virtual visits and real-time negotiation between supply and demand.


For further information: www.bit.fieramilano.it/en/ IG @bitmilano